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All fields are owned by local schools or the City of Salem. Follow all posted rules at each facility and enforce the rules with your players, parents, spectators, and fans. Make sure everyone associated with your team uses the trash receptacles provided at each venue. We would like to leave all facilities cleaner than when we arrived. In addition, please respect neighbor's property; do NOT climb or fences or enter their property without permission. We thank you for your help and support.

  • Unless posted, animals are not allowed at ANY venue
  • NO Smoking at any time, even in the parking lots
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted at any venue
  • Please use the trash containers provided for your convenience
  • Please pick up your areas after every game - player and parent sidelines
  • Do NOT climb, hang, or play on the soccer goals
  • Do NOT hang from the soccer nets
  • Park ONLY in designated spaces. Do not block other vehicles.


  • NO food is allowed on the fields at any time
  • NO gum is allowed on or near the field surfaces and surrounding areas
  • NO sunflower seeds are allowed on or near the field surfaces and surrounding areas
  • NO animals are allowed on turf surfaces

You can help us by observing these rules while on the premises for your games. We appreciate your time and assistance and look forward to seeing you at the tournament.

Medical Personnel will NOT be at any venue. Every team should have their own medical / first aid kit, ice, and ice packs. Please call 911 for all medical emergencies. Please do not make any medical diagnosis yourself - call 911 when in doubt.

Soccer Venues

Google Map of Soccer Venues & Hotels

Capital FC (CFC) Timbers Complex - Layout
5201 State St.
Salem, OR 97317
Corban University - Layout
5000 Deer Park Dr, SE
Salem, OR 97317
Geer Park - Layout
241 Geer Dr., N
Salem, OR 97301
Salem Academy Christian School - Layout
942 Lancaster Dr., NE
Salem, OR 97301
Sprague High School - Layout
2373 Kuebler Rd., S
Salem, OR 97302
Wallace Marine Park - Layout
200 Glen Creek Rd., NW
Salem, OR 97304


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