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Team Check-in: Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel - Downtown Salem
201 Liberty St., SE
Salem, OR 97301
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Check-in Hours:
Thursday, June 27: 5pm - 8pm
Friday, June 28: 11am - 7pm
Every team will need to check in at the Grand Hotel a minimum of two hours prior to their first game. Teams will NOT be able to check in at the fields prior to games.
Bring to Team Check-in

Official Game Roster:
Seven TYPED copies of the official Capital Cup Roster Form are required at team check-in. NO exceptions. All roster data (names and birthdays) must be on our form and it must be typed. We do NOT require jersey numbers on our roster form. The U9 and U10 teams can roster up to 15 players and the U11 and U12 teams can roster up to 18 players. The U13-U19 teams can roster up to 22 players. However, no more than 18 players can be listed on the match roster to play in a particular game so you must cross off any players above the 18 that might be listed on the approved and stamped roster prior to the start of each individual match.

Player Cards:
Individual player cards for every person listed on your roster will be required. Cards do NOT need to be laminated, have pictures, or be signed. The birthdays on the cards must match the birthdays on the roster form. We can accept player cards from any of the national governing bodies as long as they are not expired.

We expect every team to follow the policies and procedures set forth by their club and by whichever national association has issued their player cards. Please check with the appropriate leaders as to which player cards can be used in a tournament and if they allow your team to travel/play with players on the team that have cards issued by more than one national association.

Travel Papers:
Travel Papers are NOT needed. However, all players/teams must inform all appropriate parties they will be traveling outside of their home state as required by their club or other governing body.


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